Delfina Delletrez is part of that new breed of young designers who are taking the world of fine jewellery by storm. Her story is that of a member of the Fendi fashion dynasty, who was actually not very fond of jewellery at first. She found it uncomfortable, which is perhaps why she puts so much thought into this aspect when making her pieces, so pleasant to wear you forget how much of a statement they’re making.

Delfina Delettez new jewellery collection

Like her great-grandmother Adèle Fendi, grandmother Anna Fendi and mother Silvia Fendi, Delfina Delettrez has passion for fashion and accessories in her veins. But she actually didn’t fancy jewels at first. Inspiration came at 26, when she decided to create a piece with a gemstone she was given as a child. She could not find any designer to full fill her desires and decided to go at it herself.

She then started developing a unique creative vision, working with gold, silver and precious stones as well as leather and glass. Her first pieces had rock and romantic influences with a hint of goth, using iconic motifs of animals, insects, skulls and flowers. Last February, her flagship store in London was launched, 

The midi rings, which are worn at the tip of the fingers, of the earmuffs, a red carpet favourite lately, the infestation of bejewelled insects…she might not have invented them, but she was certainly lighting the match with whoever did.

Delfina Delletrez hidden trio heart ring, of her anatomic collection

Her hidden trio heart ring, of her anatomic collection, is made up of two embracing wings, each on its own ring, which can come apart to reveal a pavé ruby heart ring on a plain band.  €6,400 at Delletrez 9kt White Gold Ring with Glitter Enamel Lips and Pearl. Price: £ 335

9kt White Gold Ring with Glitter Enamel Lips and Pearl. Price: £ 335

To bee or not to be piercing earring. €1,500 at

To bee or not to be piercing earring. €1,500 at


Never too light collar. Price:

Delfina Delletrevez dot earmuff

Dots earmuff. Price: £1243.00

delfina delettrez timeless 03 bracelet

Timeless 03 bracelet. Price:


fishing for compliments Delfina Delettrez

Fishing for compliments gold earrings. Each one £552

Delfina Delettrez’s shops are in Italy and she has recently launched a flagship store in London, at Sover Street Market. You can also shop online at