1920. A new decade kicks off full of economic splendour, political stability and artistic experimentation. Until the crack of 29 The Golden Twenties vibrated in many hearts to the rhythm of clandestine whisky, jazz and burlesque. In London there are still some nostalgic fans of the XX century’s most glamorous decade. Back to unbridled years…

Welcome to Prohibition Party

casino prohibition party

Scottish whisky in delicate porcelain cups, roulette games, charleston dance moves until you drop…This is Prohibition 1920’s and any joy of life manifestation is welcome here.

 baile prohibition party

Prohibition Party London

Forget the force of the law for a few hours, forgive yourself for a night overrun with hedonism. Few are the regressions that match such pleasure. Feeling that your whole life is out there and right know, in that precise moment. Pleasure for pleasure…arduous work.

prohibition party 2012

The next clandestine event will take place on the 3rd of November of 2012. Forget about the SOLD OUT warning and sneak in through ducts if necessary. Or save yourself for the End of the Year special edition, sign in on the web and tell us all about it on day 1 (or the 4th, depending on the time you need to recover).


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And don´t forget to check out the whisky supplier’s web…… ilegal and creative http://www.monkeyshoulder.com/