Jerry Hall Russia 1975 Norman Parkinson

He’s gone down in history as knowing a thing or two about making women look their best. Norman Parkinson is one of the most respected photographers of the century, responsible for bringing glamour and cleverness into the field of fashion for over 5 centuries. Here’s a little inspiration from the legendary photographer who’s never out of fashion.

“If a girl looks like a model, she is not for my lens,” said “Parks”. He wanted energy and individuality, and found it in “top girls” like Wenda, the willowy actress he married in 1947, Celia Hammond, Jerry Hall, Iman and Appollonia van Ravenstein. Parkinson’s long association with Vogue, and his numerous assignments for Harper’s Bazaar, Queen and other international magazines, brought him fame and recognition. In return he gave the fashion world ineffable style and unforgettable images.

Take Off ForParis Queen 1960 Norman Parkinson

Take off for Paris, Queen, 1960, Norman Parkinson

The Italian collections Queen 1961 Norman Parkinson

The Italian collections, Queen, 1961, Norman Parkinson

Debbie Dixon Queen 1962 Norman Parkinson

Debbie Dixon, Queen, 1962, Norman Parkinson

Melanie Hampshire Queen 1963 Norman Parkinson

Melanie Hampshire, Queen, 1963, Norman Parkinson

Queen 1960 Norman Parkinson

Queen, 1960, Norman Parkinson

Celia Hammond Queen 1964 Norman Parkinson

Celia Hammond, Queen, 1964, Norman Parkinson

Queen c.1960 Norman Parkinson

Queen, 1960, Norman Parkinson

Golfing at Le Touquet Harpers Bazaar 1939 Norman Parkinson

Golfing at Le Touquet, Harper’s Bazaar, 1939, Norman Parkinson 

All images copyright Norman Parkinson Ltd/courtesy Norman Parkingson Archive from Portraits in Fashion Norman Parkingson, by Robin Muir